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We value our customer's experience at Boos Chiropractic
Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

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"Love my chiropractor!!"

Cheryl E.

"I love this man and what he does!"

Wendy M.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Boos for almost 18 years! My 3 children (ages 15, 9 & 6) have been adjusted since 5 days old. Love the office & not having headaches."

Susan S.

"Dr. Boos is amazing!! And his staff is wonderful!!"

Lynn S.

"Dr Boos is my all time favorite doctor! He knows me and my spine so well! I look forward to my visits every time. They always make me feel better! Thanks Dr Boos! You are the best! 🙂"

Rachelle F.

"Dr. Boos is the only chiropractor 👨 ‍⚕️ I’ve found that can make a difference in my problem areas. I have migraines I’m going to see him to see what he can do for that. More to come. Dr. Boos is very knowledgeable and takes time to listen to his patients."

Susie D.

"I feel very confident that Dr Boos will be able to help me in the coming months. Everyone in the office has been so kind and professional."

Vida H.

"Proud of the work we do and the benefits to overall health and wellbeing our patients have enjoyed for over 38 years."

Christine B.

"Fantastic make you feel Royal!"

Ryan M.

"Best and most thorough and gentle chiropractor on Tulsa"

Wayne W.

"Best Doctor ever."

Meryl H.

"The best Chiropractor in town. The only one our family goes to. Love the staff and they really care about you and your health."

Ria O.

"Best Chiropractor I have even been to. The staff and and Dr. Boos are so friendly and polite and caring I highly recommend them."

Jeana H.

"Dr Boos helped me out when I was pregnant and had bad lower back pain. I finally talked my husband into going as he was in so much pain and now he is pain free too. Dr Boos and his staff are very friendly."

Jamee O.

"I love coming to see Dr Boos! I will always come to him first before my regular Dr! Always knows just what to adjust to get me back on my feet and feeling better! My left foot has a bone spur and was causing me lots of pain! Went in the next day and he got rid of the pain! I can walk normal and pain free again! He’s so friendly and dedicated to what he does!"

Catherine B.